I'm a...i'm a diva

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You act like I just got up in it
Been the number one diva in this game for a minute
I know you read the paper, the one that they call a queen
Every radio round the world know me
Cause that’s where I be

I'm a...I'm a... diva...
Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla

*perplexed face*

Moving along...


So it's been a long while....

Right now I'm in the library. I should be studying but my late night, last night is catching up with me. My large coffee is leaving, and just the weird buzz remains... you know like skating on the edge of thin ice.

Today was my last class... of my first semester back since my 2 year break.

So.... my half conscious post write now shall be callleeeeeedddd....... wait for it...




What I've learned, being back at college :

Life Lesson #6: Pay attention to instructions

I've learned that no matter how complicated the professor... American professors(or all professors) are very clear about what they want/expect. If you pay attention from the get go, and play by the rules, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get an A.

I realized that late. None of my classes were particularly hard. It's just that I was not paying full attention to the system and placing my focus accordingly. For eg., many American professors differ from school back home in that for some bizarre reason they love multiple choice exams. Anyone who's been through the English system, or CAPE, learned that they don't give two hoots about M.C.... the entire CAPE exam is writing and more writing... You learn how to write 4+ pages in an exam. Whereas, over here, they focus more on M.C. To me, M.C. exams require a more detailed throrough study as opposed to mere understanding of basic theories, supported with selective (supporting) details.

If you understand this from the beginning and wrap your head around it... things are easier.... which brings me to the next point... of studying..

Life Lesson # 7: Start studying early.... why yuh lazy so and so not studying every night huh?

This technique is more a tool for college, not just applicable to prepare for m.c. exams. Reality is, if you're doing a little revision every night from day one. Then you're studying as opposed to cramming. The work ends up being stored in your long term memory as opposed to there up until two minutes after the exam has passed. That way, you actually learn something. Some how, I have the most ridiculous notion that the purpose of college and university is to learn the skills and material that will last with you and be helpful with your career choice. Not, have a degree on paper, but only remember a fraction of the material.

Ofcourse, it helps if the teachers are interesting and passionate about the subject. My Bio teacher made it very easy to get interested and stay awake during classes because he made the subject so much fun, and practical. Everything was related to how it affects us as individuals and how simple things that happen within the body are not complete rocket science.

My 7.55 am class was a pain, because it was so early and I was always late... but in my most waking moments that was interesting too.. The prof was very passionate about Political Science... and really tried to convey this passion to us... Perhaps, if I drank more coffee in the morning, and actually did my readings prior to the lesson, and overall, came more prepared for class, I would've done better. However, like Bio, I remembered certain topics, such as welfare and the Judicial branch of government, that was discussed in class almost vividly because of my interest(in law and some politics) and background (coming from a 3rd world country...). However, some parts were frustrating because I don't agree whole heartedly with some of the American ideals. It sounded like a nation of scared, confused people that are so caught up with having rights that they found even better ways to trap and delude themselves in some not-so-free ways unlike other democracies......but that's another story.

Point I'm trying to make is... try to find something that is interesting about the course. You're doing it for a reason, whether mandatory or optional, and so long as you're there might as well make it worth the while....so making a special effort to find a topic of interest, or angle of interest, helps to keep the focus and retain more in class.


This will have to be continued.... my coffee buzz is wearing off now... now I just feel like seconds away from my head hitting the desk.

Ciao for now...... till later on tonight or this week.

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