Yes we can.

By 12:41 PM

Today is Election Day in the US.

Although I haven't stepped foot outside as yet, nor so much as put on a t.v., I feel as if it's my duty to write a pre-post entry on such a momentous day.

What are my views? Who do I want to win?

Now, sad to say, I haven't been following the election that closely nor did I really care for it that much. However, I do believe it's time for a change. Obviously Republicanism is not working too righteously, therefore give the Democrats a chance. I fail to see how the situation could get worse... Well, that's a lie. If the Republicans remain, that's a sure fire way to dig the hole a little deeper into middle Earth. Reach new unimaginable depths.

Anyways, I must depart for school.
Joyful, joyful.
Perhaps I shall walk with my camera and capture a couple moments.

Shelli out.

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