Only in Grenada....

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Canada Press

Grenada Cops arrest an American man for celebrating Obama's win.
ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada — A New York man's noisy celebration of Barack Obama's victory landed him in a Caribbean jail.
Police in Grenada say Roy Coutain was honking his horn and relentlessly shouting, "Obama! Obama!" as he drove through the streets of the capital in a car covered with U.S. flags.
He wore an Obama T-shirt - in case his allegiance was in doubt.
Island police arrested Coutain and charged him with disorderly behaviour, obscene language and resisting arrest.
Coutain is from Grenada but has lived in New York state and is a U.S. citizen.
Coutain was recorded on video telling police: "The entire world is excited and you don't want me to celebrate! I voted and I have a right to celebrate!"

Now should you click on the link... you'd see they went so far as to show us the location of Grenada on a map.

Of all the things for us to make news with, we just couldn't help ourselves.


Maya sent me some delightfully funny links... I'll post my fave pics below and the corresponding links.

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