Nothing like getting your daily fix to make you feel better...

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I mean, everyone... and when i say everyone, i mean EVERYONE should stumble across that little wonderful website atleast once..

Every Sunday, i jokingly tell whomever i'm on the phone with that i'm going to get my weekly fix and that "there's nothing liking reading over people's secrets to kick off my week on a good note". That's just me.

The site has an array of secrets... all anonymous and all genuine. Some simply hilarious, others incredibly sad.. and some downright silly.

You never know... some random day you could be caught up in some emotion and wondering if you're the only one who feels like that (not limited to depression.. you could be extremely happy as well... or just mellow, etc) and go there and find a secret you can almost completely identify with.

I don't know... i can't explain it better...

Just check it out.

Post Secret


i'm still sick. *sniff sniff tear tear*

Panadol tablets taste awful. They're wicked strong, but i can't tell if that's to say they work well yet... just that they succeed in putting me in handicap.

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