Got the windows down, radio's on..

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I Iove to travel, even if I'm just "traveling" to the supermarket. In my mind, there's always some adventure waiting to be had outside my house.

In my circle, I have a few 'stray-way' spirits like myself.

One of my stray way adventures brought me with a friend to visit Belle Isle in St. David. The primary purpose of the trip was to collect my paintings from a closed exhibition at the gallery in Westerhall. It was such a beautiful little spot. After visiting Dominica, I now notice many different things in Grenada. In Belle Isle I saw little glassy pools and caves from the wave erosion. I didn't get to see the pools in Dominica, but I imagine they must look similar to the ones I saw and a bit bigger. 

After that, we found a dirt road that led to a lovely bit of mangrove. I could hear the clear calls of the mangrove birds and critters. I saw little tadpoles swimming around in the pools of water. 

As we walked along the path by the mangrove, we discovered it led to a long beach. 

Needless to say, if nothing else, that day provided all the necessary evidence for leaving the house. I couldn't have found any of this in my backyard. 

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