How come every time you come around my London, London bridge... wanna go down like London, London, London

By 8:24 PM

"Drinks start pourin'
and my speech start slurrin'
erry' body start lookin' real good"
-"London Bridge" Fergie


It was only recently I realized how easily music can bring me back to specific time and place with specific people. I've always heard my parents speak about it but I just assumed maybe I'm too young to have that much to look back on.

However, I realized something. How can I look back with music if everything is so present tense with what I listen to? 

I proceeded to dig up my archives. I found my old Linkin Park, J.E.W., T.B.S., etc collections which brought me back to my teenage days and college days. I found that "When I grow up" song by  the Pussycat Dolls that reminded me specifically of a trip to New York. "Bombs over Baghdad" by Outkast and "Raise up" by Petey Pablo reminds me of my last trip to Chicago when I was 16. My cousins and I had gone to an amusement park and one I the rides played Outkast on repeat.

Most recently, I visited Dominica and my friend was more up to date with current music than I. So now every time I hear certain songs, it transports me to a time and place of night escapades and adventures and car rides. Ahh yes... youth. 

I remember when I first heard "Get free" by Major Lazer. It played at a rave she convinced me to go to and I remember it playing and asking her who it was and she looked at me incredulously. Needless to say, I killed this track when I visited her in Dominica.

And my title? Many a day of loud singing and giggles with Sherry in our late teens/early 20s strolling through town or dancing in my room.

Then there are specific Movado an Vybz Kartel songs from circa 2006-2007 that bring me back to when I first started seriously going to parties and now entering college. The beginning of my young adult experience.

It's amazing how vivid and transforming each memory attachment to these specific songs are. I guess now that I'm more open to the experience I shall be more aware of connections.

Do you have these moments too? 

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