Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

By 9:53 PM

I very recently have come across the most amazing opportunity to get to be an assistant artist on a new underwater sculpture project that's going to be placed in our underwater sculpture park in Molinere. I'm assisting an amazing Norwegian artist, Lene Kilde. She has done lots of sculpture and wire work, in addition to book illustrations/drawings. I hyperlinked her name to a Google search so you could glimpse her work.

It's only been one evening thus far, but I've learnt and learning so much in an area I have had little experience in but have always found intriguing.

The most current piece she's working on are two folktales, one is the La Diablesse and The Nutmeg Princess. La Diablesse is supposed to be a woman that lures men... She's very beautiful and wears a broad hat that hides the demonic part of her face and has one cow foot and one human foot.

The following are snippets from what has been done thus far.

She sculpted a clay model by hand. Then we painted on vaseline and release cream.

The work area...

Mixing the silicone to do the mask.

The goopy stuff got all over my fingers. However, when it dried it was easy to peel off, fingerprints perfectly copied and all.

Fully coated, waiting to put the plaster on over it.

That's all so far folks.
I'll try to keep you posted.

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