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As I've been lamenting, this has been my toughest semester to date. However, despite all the trials, 2012 is proving to a rather happy, fortunate year thus far. As quick as one door has closed, another opens with very little time to spend worrying about opportunities lost.

Although school tried to be the death of me, life's been sending me many reasons to smile these days, in ways I truly never expected or saw coming. One of those many unexpected reasons...? I was blessed with the opportunity of having an Art Exhibition with the help of a family friend. And people say there's no more good remaining in the world...

In the midst of all my exam preparation and assignment completion, I had about a month plus to prepare. I was aiming to do about 10 new pieces, instead I did about 5-6 including a fabric painting on a dress. However, I had some work compiled from before. In total I believe it was 20 + pieces with about 11 available prints.

The even itself was held at Caribbean House, SGU True Blue campus, Saturday 28th April from 5-7pm. Upon entry, each person received a glass of wine and a gourmet chocolate and signed in...and then continued into the hall to see the pieces and muse with their glass of wine.

So... enough typing.

Photos below...




So first we have the preparation process...

Sorting out the pieces...

Chief directors and masterminds of how everything is being layed out
(a.k.a. my darling hosts) Arlette & Sasha


My friend's mummy (Arlette) gave me a new box of pastels.

Art supplies make the best gifts ♥   


And we're done...

Ariel & myself getting sorting details...

As usual, my personal paparazzi took shots...

I was actually accusing Sher and Trent of getting me into Anime, even though it looks like I was giving orders. Sher just captured the shot perfect.

Trent trying to hide the jawbreaker... haha

Ariel, myself, and Trent (we could pass for siblings eh...?)


Ariel busy at work with customers

Arlette & me

Me & my mumma

Me & my pappa 

Sasha & me

My parents

He's pleased with his new piece ^.^

Some of the pieces


Lights out?

All in all? It was a success. People seemed to really like my work. A few mused over my pieces. A few were curious about commissions. It was truly a wonderful experience. Ha! And to think I was initially nervous...

My art blog has been updated... 

Ciao for now

Oh!! And thank you to my hosts and sponsors!!

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  1. Kimlee Lewis9:08 AM

    Just lovely! Great work, lots of effort and all heart. But It seems like only the attractive ones were invited to this very exclusive and private event. lol. good job!

  2. Candice3:34 PM

    Great stuff shelli! :) 

  3. Hayley Bhola7:16 PM

    Love love love <3 Wish I could've been there~ I'll definitely be there for the next one ;)