I'm alive, and I don't need a witness to know that I survived...

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This has truly been the semester from hell. Yes I know I've been absent and I see my lack of recent posts has not really been much of a traffic deterrent... but let me be a good blogger and at least post something new.

So, I've survived. I'm now just awaiting final exam results from my classes to ensure I made it clear over the bar. When I haven't been in class, I've been studying and when I was not studying, I was being tutored and when I was not being tutored, I've been preparing for an exhibition.

Yes I know again. More strangeness. Me? Study? Being tutored? Preparing for an exhibition? That's a whole lot of focus from me than I've ever witnessed. All that to say, I'm exhausted and spent these last couple nights being way too burnt out to do anything other than sleep.

I must say I'm a blessed child though. In the end, everything has worked out.

With that said, I shall not squeeze my exhibition post into this one. No, for it is deserving for a post all by itself. As soon as I've completed my edits, it shall be up.

So... ciao for now.
Check back in half hour or so...

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