And I won't sleep... and I can't breathe... until you're resting here with me

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I concede....... I am not as invincible as I previously thought I was... I guess in all fairness I kind of looked for it too... After months of telling people how I survived my first winter pretty well and never got sick once, etc etc.... I walked in the rain with Enda to prove a "the rain doesn't make you sick but if there are pollutants in it..." point and... now I have the cold. humph..

The good news is, it's leaving. The bad news is I still feel slightly delirious. The worse news is, I have piles of school work to do.

*sigh* I think I'm getting a fever because my skin hurts...


On the bright side yesterday was Spring Fling or Bling or whatever they call it... I was still sick, it started to rain, the line for the free food was wayyyyy long... BUT I must say that the DJ was decent... and I wanted to do the Boulder Dash thingy in the bouncy castle and rock climb... but yea. Stupid rain and cold. Hmph.

And tonight the Caribbean Students Association is hosting a party 'Temptations' (I think) and Beenie Man is supposed to be performing... and Dia and I are going. Hopefully it would be good, I don't know what kind of party starts at 5 and finishes at 11...? It's broad daylight until like 8..? How could it start so early..??

Anyways, sick people shouldn't be on the comp. for long periods... especially when they can't think up a proper eventful coherent post to type... sooo..

Shelli out.

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