Can you crop it?

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If you've been following me on my Instagram or Facebook, you'd see that I've really been pushing to experiment and expand my brand. I have been dabbling a bit more in fabrics, experimenting with different mediums and materials. With that said, the easiest first step since I live on a tropical Caribbean island, is to start with crop tops!

Crop tops are fun, shorter versions of vests. This to me means more breeze and comfy drive-round-the-island runs. So far, I've experimented with pastels, inks, pencil crayons and paints. In the crop tops below are a perfect mix of all three mediums. I manipulated each to bring out their strengths on the material without compromising the integrity of the durability of the design.

Above are a few of my #473 designs that I created. The model is a dear friend of mine, who embraces island life even more than I do (a.k.a. he drives) and takes beautiful pics. He's always been one of my favourite models too over the years so it made sense to use him. He's also a very talented local reggae artist, A#keem, making you can peep his story of here.

I've found that pastels work best for large background bursts of colour. Inks work well for outlines or to fill in areas of solid colour. As for paints? Paints are just all-round boss comfort and hassle free. Paints are still my go-to preference for fabrics. It's the easiest to apply the colour and distribute on the fabric surface, especially cotton.

Have you experimented much with fabrics? What worked best for you? Post a comment in the comment section.

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