Water under the bridge

By 9:40 PM

Incase you've been curious, there's a lot of wonderful artsy things happening.

For one, if you'd like to join my mail list send me an email at shellonart@gmail.com. I send out lots of updates regarding upcoming exhibitions, new pieces, etc. 

I'm also investing some more time into making my society6 page blossom. If you haven't seen my store yet... Www.society6.com/ShellonEArt 
There, if you are outside of Grenada or even the Caribbean, you have easy access to prints of my work without the hassle of waiting and wondering about the smoothness of the shipping and handling from Grenada. There's a wide variety of options. You can get my work printed on anything from pillow to rug to duvet to shower curtain... And of course, you can get regular prints - framed and unframed. 

After creating that opportunity, my local customers started asking how can they get the products without the reverse concern, that is, how do they get it to Grenada in a timely fashion. I'm working on some solutions. However, manufacturing costs overseas are less than local but most don't think about that when they see disparity in the prices. Society6 foots the production expense which in some cases take up 80% of the final price you see - and they're catering to mass produce. However, that should tell you how much the artist actually makes but it eases up the financial production worries... For my local customers, I'm offering special sales for the entire month of June on select originals and all prints on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/ShellonArt 

My new prices on specials are half off or more. I'm trying to come up with ideas to at least offer specials once a month so that fans can afford an original if they so desire... Y'kno, I'd like to see my art everywhere and to know that people of all walks of life can have one if they would like. 

Please drop a line, a like, a follow. 
Blessings and kisses,

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