Under the sea...

By 8:55 PM

***Warning: Lots of photos ahead!***

Every time I go to the beach or out on the boat, my mind starts humming the tune from The Little Mermaid "Under the sea." I feel so excited and can't wait to get in.

This Easter weekend I had the opportunity to be on a cruise that included a tour to the sculpture park, that I was not working on, with Chuck. Of course even though I wasn't working, Chuck and I were the first in the water and off we went on my tour. Since I do the snorkeling guides on my days at Dive Grenada, I have a general personalized mental tour map so... I took him around to the different sculptures and then we joined the rest of the tour.

For Christmas he had got me an underwater camera that just arrived finally about 2 weeks ago. We took lots of pictures from this little trip.

Ciao lovies!

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