Sum'n like a phenomenon...

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I know you may be asking yourself... did this island girl really leave the Caribbean to go to New York to go on Coney Island beach to do this?

And watch the kids (and their grown uncle) build sandcastles in the sand? (Grown uncle actually built about 50 more castles long after the kids got bored and left...defending his manly honour with utterances of "he was trying to make a face")

The answer is yes. I'm on vacation. Its what people on vacation do - they lounge around and be lazy.
I feel compelled to point out that the ONLY perk of this beach, compared to Grenada, was the scenery. By scenery, I'm referring to the Baywatch-esque lifeguards along the shore. Everything else would've been a hit or miss if I didn't have company.

The sand was incredibly hot and the width of the beach was much wider than back the barefoot, hot sand, walk to the water is much further...I put my shoes back on. The water was freezing. I'm surprised ice wasn't forming at the surface.

However, we had two super huge beach umbrellas, towels spread, a boombox and lots of food and drinks which is all I need to be happy...and brings us back to the first shot of me just lounging around contentedly.

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