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I had a rather eventful weekend- an epic win and fail at the same time...

For some inexplicable reason I was a bit sad for the whole day Friday. I'm inclined to think that I'm still getting used to having classes on a Friday, coupled with the recent heat wave we've seemingly been having the last couple of days. After moping around campus I finally left and came to town and decided to make the best of my afternoon while I waited on confirmation of the night's events.

Funnily enough, I met up with Sher and we went to Jazz & Poetry upstairs the museum (1st Friday of every month). The Museum Bistro was also opened for service as advertised on this month's Jazz & Poetry flyer. Why is this a "funnily enough" moment? It is because this is the first time I've been to the event for the year. I've been hiding and scheming to avoid performing as sadly... I haven't really written that many fresh pieces for the year as I've been more caught up with trying to get my art off the ground. And having been one of the regular performers from last year, I feel somewhat guilty about going to the event and not performing.

This time I made it to the event, all happy and inspired to perform and participate in the event. The piece I wanted to perform was a piece I wrote a long while back about someone dear to me at a point in time when our relationship was very dramatic. Now, the piece ironically is as is and still relevant. It's not a love poem but a happy poem about being in love perhaps? And normally I perform according to which of my pieces speak to me, as that would also be the piece I could immerse myself in best and fall into character.

What ended up happening? Sher and I made it to the event. Neither of us performed. Algie wasn't there so the show took a different path than it usually does - good nuntheless just different. Algie normally would host and call the performers onto the stage once he's well aware of your capabilities to perform well - hence why I went into hiding and I didn't want to perform unless I was up to my par.

The night was still just as fun though. I've been bouncing into lots of old friends these days. Friday night... Eamon randomly popped up to collect his phone from Cemal, who also I didn't expect to see. Then Richie surprise visited with his cousin after work. Russel and his belle dropped by too, haven't seen him since earlier up this summer. A couple of Sher's friends that I met from previous excursions dropped by as well... Thus, it was an adventure.

Sitting by the Museum Bistro
 Sher decided to be a girly girl for once, decked out in a flouncy skirt.

Richie finally got around to peek-see the event since he's also a poet/musician. 

I left Sher's friend with my camera and she ran around taking shots of everyone, whether they were paying mind or not. 
So the heart of Sher and Eamon's relationship lies with an onslaught of insults as greetings and such --- this is how their love. Thus, a "let's hug" photo is not unlikely since they are friends but a mean mugging shot is more possible...

Eamon n Sher. Mind you, this was the second time I've seen this dude over the entire summer! And it's fortunate we ran into each other 'cuz he flew back out already...smh

Kevin & Russel (Russel is the Russo from earlier posts). Now, Kevin is Richie's cousin. Richie is among a few close friends that calls me 'Shells' so he introduced me as much subconsciously without thought. His cousin in turn called me by my right name and said that he knows me from school. Now it's easy for me to timeline people because very few people call me by my right name today as 'Shelli' is easier to remember and pronounce. Turns out we went to kindergarten together. Small world huh?
Cemal a.k.a Shamz (if you've read my earlier posts)
Then it was time to leave the Museum Bistro. How'd we realize this? One of the caretakers came and showed us where the light switches were along with instructions on how to padlock the gate properly... It was only then that we took the time to look around and see that not only was the restaurant locked up but so was the room where Jazz & Poetry gets hosted. Naturally, who wants the responsibility of locking up a property that isn't theirs? The group of us started walking out to meet the tunnel and head to town to catch a bus.

Upon which we discovered there's a new Blackberry and Android store in town downstairs Bruce St. Mall.

Avi, Eamon & Shamz
Sher and I slightly perturbed at not getting the perfect shots we wanted.
The shots we wanted were by the clock directly in front of the Esplanade Mall. It was the perfect time, hardly any college kids sitting around with their large groups chattering excitedly. No one sitting by the clock either, just a few empty vodka bottles to kick out of the frames... And what happened was, we asked Cemal to take the photos but he decided to get creative with lighting and failed to capture the whole structure in the frame. Instead, we had a series of (mind you, beautifully taken) half shots that were difficult to place at location.

Where are those photos you ask? I lost them. My memory card had an error upon direct insertion into my laptop. I circumvented that using the usb cord only to fail to realize that all the photos did not transfer, although the laptop said it did, prior to permanently deleting the files off the card...because for some strange reason I decided to clear up my memory for the first time in ages.

This is as good as it got with Sher's iPad...sigh

Don't ask me when this happened...
And then Saturday night, Sher and I got bored and decided to dress up pretty and head to umbrellas. Sher lost one side of a pair of earrings that I gave her for her birthday before I even got to town. So she was sulky... When we got to Umbrellas the service was the fastest ever --- I think we got served within 10 minutes of our order. But the food was sub-par to what we're accustomed to, but ok nuntheless.

Upon leaving Umbrellas, we heard music coming from the SGU campus and decided to take our fastness and go see. We made it all the way into the yoga gazebo area only to realize that the party wasn't on campus but on the other side of the fence. Despair not, we had fun taking shots as I doubt we'd be willingly walking all the way back on SGU Grand Anse campus just for fun...


And then we got stranded in town... We took the chance as Bingo was happening at the stadium, therefore buses must run late right? Correct. However, it's more of a matter of when will the buses leave than it is whether you'd get one - it took Sherry until minutes to 2 in the morning to get home.

Posed off in front of the stadium waiting patiently...

Trying to make the best of it...!

Alls well, that ends well..

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