The world looks different when you're riding on the back of a truck through the mountain mist...

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"Do you really have the stamina?"


I finally got my laptop back...! *does happy dance* I can't even recognize it -- that's how new it feels.


It's a New Year... I officially switched majors. I think this, aside from Law back in college, is the first time in a while I've declared a major that I'm very comfy with. I'm once more a Biology major, however, this time around I'm specializing in Wildlife and Conservation. Thus far, I'm really loving it. The only downside is how depressing it is to become more aware of the world's environmental issues. One week in and I already feel helpless.

Then again, helplessness is the first emotion. Overwhelming inspiration/desire to change the world and make it better is the second.


The awesome part about my new major is all getting to be outside in the field so much. Last semester, as already documented in previous posts, we got to explore a couple places and see a couple critters I never knew existed, and one that few get to see (Grenada dove). This semester, I expect nothing less than last year's awesomeness.

Today we, me and a few classmates, got the opportunity to go into the field with the forest rangers and two guys from abroad doing a biodiversity study of the island. Soooo... it was interesting. It was my second encounter with people passionate about what they do. The first was Dr. Rusk with the Grenada dove. The second was with one of these foreign guys. He was extremely fascinated by the forest fauna, very into what he was doing. The other guy was really friendly and informative about what they do and his experiences in the field thus far.

Again, we went to Grand Etang. *sigh* However, we went off-trail to look for a bordered sample plot.

The following are some photos from the trip.

On the truck

On the truck

We're now heading off-trail

That Heliconia was huge... or rather really tall. Like twice the guy's height.

One of the guys doing the study - He's from D.C.

So... at this point it became futile to keep our sneaks clean. 

Tara "climbing".. ok, so she did have to climb over rather than pose eventually.

Ezra climbing over...


I'm so not looking forward to cleaning these... >.<

Look at the roots! Or... those protruding red thingies... it caught my eye.

heading to the Beausejour trail

Yup... steps behind me... progress! woot!

More steps ahead... *sigh*

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