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First of all.... I just came off my profile. I remember when Dia was here for summer it came up and we were talking about all how all the real freaks that miss facebook and hi5 land there. I hardly have anything on my account but one pic and some vague personal details YET I have a bunch of friend requests in my inbox. So I add them, because like I hardly pay them mind anyways... no need for too much discrimination.

Anyways the point of that rambling was to lead up to........... there's this guy who's profile says he's 38 and married right? He has over 2,000 friends YET I just went on my profile and saw a comment from him saying I'm the one he wants..??? Oh.. really... LMAO I don't even know the guy... and the hilarious part is that my inbox has other similar messages from guys with similar convictions.. and they periodically send me winks too...! That guy included...! How does it work? Pick a random picture to stalk daily, or.... I don't know... LOL... weirdos...


So Digicel managed to piss me the hell off ...I mean they upset me. Just the day before, when I was walking up my hill to go home, I was musing to myself that despite T-Mobile and their ways I had a better deal with them and I wasn't even straight post-paid but pre-paid.

My pre-paid T-Mobile account allowed me about 300 minutes, 400 texts, unlimited calls to any 5 numbers within the US (except *mutter grumble mutter* Puerto Rico and USVI), and most importantly free nights and weekends all for about 50-54 US... and for some bizarre reason it was even less when I went back up in July.

Digicel for about 20 US gives me 200 minutes, 10 free texts and HOPE to benefit from promotions I'm privy to as post-paid customer over a pre-paid customer. Now I could keep my money and channel that hopefulness to something more productive and achievable like ... I dunno.... leveling up my Maple Story character tonight? Passing this semester with stellar grades? Finally getting around to walking my dog? For an extra 10 EC I could get 135 text messages to only other Digicel numbers. For an extra 40 EC, I could have unlimited online access from my cellphone.

With my beloved T-Mobile... I was able to get online to the important things that I would want like ringtones and such, off the T-Mobile wapsite and buy/download stuff. I was able to go on MSN Messenger and AIM and ICQ (although I don't even remember my account info..but I'm sure I have it lying around somewhere) for no extra charge - it just came out from my text messages. Also, my text messages were not limited to just other T-Mobile users but to any phone service, anywhere in the world for no extra charge.

Now darling Digicel who managed to ----- *deep breath* upset me, has this promotion running advertising that postpaid is for everyone. THIS (what I recently learned through the annoying ensuing events is temporary and just a promotion) promotion advertises free nights and weekends and for a talkative individual like myself....... was my deal breaker. T-Mobile wouldn't kill me if they took away my day minutes. There were weeks when my day minutes were done, but why do I care about people bothering me during the day when I'm in class?? Had my free night and weekend minutes been removed would've been the death of me. There is a picture from the Digicel Grenada.

The same day of switching my service from pre to post, I repeatedly asked the agent if the free calls is valid with my plan, which he insisted it was. Before I left, I asked him again to be certain, the times it's valid on the weekends as well as weekends and once more if it's valid for me. And he insisted yes.

SOooooo... Saturday I called Sherry, whom I haven't spoken to in ages and was most refreshing... but I'd cover that later. *glare* My hunni bunni called me and I switched the calls with Sher temporarily to take his call. Then somewhere along there I cut off the call with Sher, as she was on another call as well, with a mental promise to call her back after. It was then, I received a message from Digicel informing me that I had used up 75% of my credit limit.

Naturally, one can imagine my surprise at the impossibility of 75% unless I was charged for my call to Sherry which lasted roughly 3-4 hours. So... as I came off the phone with the bf, I called Digicel to inquire about this curious discrepancy and how exactly the charges were given. I spoke to 3 agents, and all 3 had a different story to tell me. (3 because I kept calling like 5 minutes after I hung up, because it stopped making sense... or the agents weren't making sense)

The first agent knew nothing about any weekend and weekday free minutes, and was baffled at what I was even talking about. The second agent referred to the free minutes as "a promotion." That was the first time I ever heard this being referred to as a "promotion" which now introduces a sense of it being temporary. As the agent continued to elaborate, she said there was no weekend minutes promotion but free minutes at night existing from 9pm-6pm throughout all of the islands. After I hung up, I remember my local agent told me that the free minutes started at 10pm to maintain the integrity of the network....and the weekend minutes finish Sunday midnight. The third agent then agreed that it began at 10 pm and there was some other postpaid service for between 200-300 EC that offered unlimited calls to other Digicel and landline numbers. I asked about if there's any compensation for the misinformation about the promotion, which he insisted too doesn't exist, and he said no because business is business.

When I call T-Mobile with a problem, the customer is always right unless obviously wrong. I get proper explanations as to how the error is my own... and if I have truly been misinformed they would would compensate me in some way by giving me more minutes or text msgs or something.... not an "I'm sorry we made a mistake but business is business....unless you can get your local agent to admit he did provide such information."

I contacted the agent whom then told me he never confirmed that I had weekend minutes, but only night minutes and he was supposed to call me and confirm that. So I told him I remember asking him about it repeatedly and him confirming that it was valid, but now he says that he didn't confirm it and he's not sure if I have weekend minutes, he had to speak to his supervisor and confirm such a promotion exists. Now I then in turn told him it happens to be on the Digicel Grenada website itself... and in turn he responded slightly surprised with a promise to check the website as soon as he gets access to a computer (I called him on his cellphone). Mind you, this promotion according to the website has been on and running since August 7th.

Shelli is annoyed.
End of rant.

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  1. dude that's too effed up for words!
    i've been contemplating switching to post paid forever now and this evidence is not swaying in their favour let me tell you >.<

    no kidding the plans in the US are WAY more worth one's time and money they screwing with us serious here man >:S

    stupid DigiCe;...this is what happens when yuh let em get comfortable! XD