"Wind in time rapes the flower trembling on the vine"

By 5:00 PM


I think i'm getting into LJ finally. It makes sense and all.

Liz dedicated a whole post to threaten to remove friends who don't post from her 'Friend's list'. Aside from my impromptu (saving) post, i had to remind her a certain somebody went through a dry spell with posts, with some cop-out entries. *cough cough* Liz *cough cough*


To say it as succinctly as possible in local dialect....

" Nuff ting happen dis week "

The ironic moon placed itself in between earth and the sun, to hide itself. Baffled, when earth, cloaked in darkness, turned around and stared at the mid-way obstacle. Of course direct blame can't be placed. The truth lies in ambiguities. I mean the plausible reasoning could only go on and on and on...

Oh also, opinions were given where none were called. But i could handle... no worries...

But 'tis such is life. The moon will move. The light will come out. And we move on.

Then it seems like chapters don't close. Or rather the pages don't turn like they should. That's alright... i'm innovative like that.

Somehow, i get the feeling, that in the midst of all this... i'm changing and i'm growing... hmm... i just want to get where i want to go fast... i don't have that kind of patience.

Umm... we got plans for Friday. After that horrendous pina colada at Marva's... i doubt that's going to be where we're sticking this Friday.

Ok... it wasn't that bad... i've just had better.

I don't know who the group would include this week...

Last week, it was Me, Adrienne, Brendon, Lizzy, Richie, and Russo.

Bleh... let friday happen as friday wants to.. so long as i get a biscuit from kfc, we're chill.


Why did we have to go date? It's too easy to complicate...
be strong when things fall apart....
honest, this breaks my heart
Please take me home
too late, it's gone
I bet you're sad
this is the best
time we ever
'Please take me home' Blink 182

That's all for now.
Shelli out.

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